INSHIP APSDelivering Fully-Integrated Automated Accounts Payable Processing for Our Global Partners, to the Benefit of Their Customers

What We Do

InShip specializes in Accounts Payable plug-in solutions for accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Step 1

Suppliers e-mail documents.

Step 2

InShip extracts required.

Step 3

Users approve or auto approval.

Step 4

Updates ERP/ accounts package.

Developing an AP solution will take at least 6 development years, with InShip's White Label Solution you could be live in 6 weeks at a fraction of the cost.

What we do

What we do

Providing the Technology behind Automated Accounts Payable Processes

InShip specializes in Accounts Payable plug-in solutions for accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. These modules can be added to any software in approximately 6 to 8 weeks, providing a new source of revenue and additional functionality.

Our commercial package is designed to give you total freedom in your customer pricing model. Our offering gives you the possibility of retaining up to 80% of the revenue you generate, while still going to the market with a competitively priced product.

With 3 versions, your company is guaranteed to meet your customers' needs. These range from a simple A.I. data extraction, that can be added as a hidden module to any accounts package, to a full Accounts Payable solution system, that can be tailored to meet the needs of most medium and large businesses.

Intelligent Accounts Payable Automated Processing

Intelligent Accounts Payable Automated Processing

Boosting Your Business

Since 2016, InShip has delivered proven Automated Accounts Payable Processing software to White Label partners and their customers. Our partners choose InShip for many compelling reasons:

  • Designed and Developed for our Prospective Partners and their End-Customers. InShip meets automated Accounts Payable best practices, enabling, our partners to offer InShip technology with complete confidence to their End-Customers.
  • Fully Integrated, InShip Accounts Payable Automated Processing is a cloud-enabled system, which can be fully integrated into any ERP or accounting back-office solution. Full integration with our partners’ existing systems increases efficiency and productivity for their End-Customers by delivering a seamless, accurate, secure, and robust experience.
  • InShip can be seamlessly integrated with most ERP or Accounting Solutions available in today’s Global market.
  • ERP and Accounting software providers recognize that their customers are demanding Accounts Payable Automation to decrease overheads, while maximizing remote efficiency and cash flow. InShip delivers a robust, proven, cloud-enabled PaaS (platform as a service), enabling our partners to avoid expensive development costs.
  • InShip is fully branded with our partners’ colours and logos, thereby reinforcing this product as part of their full-service offerings.
  • Increasing Revenues and Profits – our partners benefit from a recurring revenue stream.
  • InShip engineers tailor our solution to match the precise requirements of our partners and their End-Customers.
The End-Customers

The End-Customers

How Do Our Partners’ End-Customers Benefit?

InShip Automated Accounts Payable Processing eliminates manual supplier invoices, processing, and payment workflows. End-Customers save up to 90% in accounts payable related costs. InShip is fully cloud-enabled and integrated into their accounting and/or ERP systems. Eliminating data re-keying and other time-consuming chores for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Why Offer Your End-Customers Automated Accounts Payable?

Globenewswire reported that the Global accounts payable automation market is expected to grow at an annual compounded rate of 11%, from US$1.9 billion in 2019 to US$3.1 billion in 2024. The article cites a number of factors driving this growth, including faster payments and better cash flow, reduced employee fraud, and reduced cost of supplier invoice processing and payments.

In short, prospective End-Customers see the real benefits of Automated Accounts Payable processing and are quickly embracing this innovative technology.

We Integrate With 40+ Packages Including...

The automated process -V- manual process


Generate Invoice


Open Post




Data Entry

System Approval



General Invoice


System Approval




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