Account Payable CombinedInShip APC is fully integrated into our partners’ software. APC is a bolt on AP solution, that retrieves invoices from e-mails or DND, automatically reads them and pushes the invoice with it's extracted data in an editable draft form to your system. This normally requires little to no UX or UI changes.

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Process Flow

Hidden Process

no new screens for the user to navigate. Little additional end-user training is required

Ease of Use

the only actions the end-user must take is to email or Drag & Drop documents and convert them from draft to live


InShip APC can be localized to deal with different languages, tax regimes and data capture requirements
Switching To Complete Accounts Payable Solutions
Customers Reported
Reduces paper handling by 81%
Reduces document processing time by 93%
Error reduction of 89%
Reduces document storage by 100%
How it Works
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