How does it work?

InShip comes you a vast range of function. We recognise that you will not need or be aware of all of the possibilities but this allow us to tailor a solution to meet you needs. Allowing you to focus on what and who you a buying from rather then processing as many invoices as possible.

This changes the AP team from processors to reviewers.

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Process Flow

Paper Elimination

Documents are e-mailed or uploaded to the system via DnD, removing all previous paper handling requirements.

User Defined Data Capture

Data is captured automatically and the data capture requirements can easily be modified by the user. Capture fields can be added, edited and deleted..

Issue Checking

InShip comes with standard issue checks that can be modified at both a global and/or group level.

Document Routing

InShip includes a workflow process that mirrors and automates both simple and complex process flows to meet any businesses needs.


Workflow can be automated by routing using supplier codes, general ledger codes, delivery address, project code and more.

PO and GRN Matching

InShip can match invoices to purchase orders (POs) or goods received notes (GRNs) at a total or line by line level. Delivery, discounts and various surcharges can also be easily handled.

General Ledger Coding

InShip can auto-code invoices based on multiple factors.

Line by Line Data Capture

InShip can auto-capture line items on invoices for coding, reporting and searching purposes.


With all relevant information displayed on screen, documents can be easily approved with one click .

Bulk Approvals

All documents from one supplier or all PO matched documents can be approved at once with a simple click.

Approval Limits

A user limit may be set by supplier, user and or General Ledger Code.


Users can add new, pre-defined or forced comments on documents.

Price Watch

InShip watches for price increases on items and displays any increase in price to the user.

Invoice Storage

The original invoice can be stored for up to seven years, if required; the document can be searched for by the user at any time.

High Security Documents

Highly confidential documents can be handled by InShip.

Statement Reconciliation

Statement are automatically reconciled; any invoice errors are detected and InShip provides a simple method of notifying suppliers of any issues.


Documents can be searched for using multiple fields such as the supplier, invoice number, date, PO detail, value, to name a few.

Search Reporting

All search results can be reported on either an invoice or an invoice line bases.

Document Tracking

Invoices within InShip that require approval are tracked, illustrating whose approval is required and the outstanding approval time of the document.

Issue Handling

InShip provides multiple ways to handle invoice issues which can be customised globally.

Mobile Approval

Documents can be approved by InShip mobile app.
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Customers Reported
Document processing time is reduced by 90%
Reduces paper handling by 93%
Error reduction of 97% using InShip
Reduces document storage by 100%
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