Tick To PostInShip T2P has been developed for smaller business owners and their employees. This simple to use system is highly effective:

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Process Flow

Easy of Use

users or their suppliers simply email invoices into the system. Alternatively, they can use the Drag and Drop option

Clear Display

all actions can be completed on a single page which displays all invoices for approval. By selecting a particular invoice, all extracted data from that invoice is highlighted for quick, simple final approval

Customised Screen Design

InShip T2P is customized to fit effortlessly into users’ current systems


InShip T2P can be localized to deal with different languages, tax regimes and data capture requirements

Search & Storage

all documents are saved digitally within a secure cloud for an agreed storage period, usually 7 years. Users can easily search for past documents How it Works
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Customers Reported
T2P reduces the invoice handling time by 90%
Time spent searching for old invoices is reduced by 85%
Errors are reduced by 89%
An 80% reduction in paper used and stored
How it Works
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