ResourcesA flexible solution with backup


We do bespoke intergations

InShip has integrated with over 35 ERPs and accounting software systems; ranging from household names to market leading ERP systems.


IT Professionals

InShip has a dedicated team that have over 50 years experience delivering complex IT solutions in many industries.

Customer Focused

Peace of mind

InShip is used in a wide range of industries and is NOT designed as a one solution suits all. We always tailor our solution to meet your users needs.


Works anywhere

InShip meets a diverse group of users needs from retail, wholesale, food, finance, manufacturing, aviation, service industry and many more.

Comprehensive Training


InShip provides initial and ongoing training and support for your trainers. Documentation is branded to meet your needs.


A paper free process
Save up to 90% of time & cost of processing paper invoices
Bursting with features

Support & Training

  • Assigned a friendly agent to guide you though your InShip journey
  • Ticket support
  • Approx. 50 general and specific video tutorials
  • Linked detailed user manual

Mobile Approval

Simple remote approval for approvers who are always on the go

Purchase Order Creation

InShip links with many PO systems (Sage, Intact etc.). However some businesses require a supplementary/different system, where InShip is the solution. Our system can work as a stand alone PO system or in addition to your ERP or account software PO system. The PO system can be set up with simple/complex approval processes, for example; automatically routing PO approvals based on suppliers items purchases or values.

Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They also believe in having a lot of fun along the way.

Adrian Kelehan
Wil Walsh
Jack Dunne
Dr. Kevin Casey
Client Account Manager
Maria Johnson
Software Engineer
Conal O'Hare
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